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Hello Everyone!

I am excited to begin sharing my knowledge, tips and love of what I do!

This is so important to me, especially now being a new mom and wanting to ensure that I am the best role model possible for my daughter. I want her to know by leading through example, that she can achieve anything she sets her mind to.

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The Elbow Minor Chakra

There are a few different reasons as to why certain areas seem more prone to accidents, but considering the emotional component can bring awareness to any pattern, any unresolved emotional issue.

Do you notice that you hit your elbows often? Is there tension around it or certain areas of pain? Do you have limited range of motion? All of these are meaningful, and once we understand why, we can begin the process of moving forward

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Sacral Chakra

The color vibration associated with the Sacral is Orange and the associated endocrines are ovaries, testes and prostrate, the associated organ is the kidneys.

The sacral, also known as the sexual chakra, is a powerful source of energy for many. Most of us, when we think “sexual”, the only thing coming to mind are acts of intimacy.

However, it is not the only thing associated with the sacral, but it is important to note that unbalanced intimite acts can disempower or overstimulate this area.

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Consciousness and Separation

In my years of working with many different clients, I have appreciated their ways of thinking and their insights, despite how it may look because it deepens my understanding of conflict for others.

There is one common consciousness issue that I have seen arise for many different people, including myself, despite big differences in our circumstances.

I often talk about the consciousness of Separation, so what is it?

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Candida Overgrowth

Our gut health is essential to optimal health in many areas, such as the brain, mood, rest and relaxation, digestion,  energy levels and so much more. The fact that one of the first ingredients in majority of foods now a days is corn syrup (commonly called sucrose now), how much stress is increasing in our society, it’s no wonder how candida runs rampid.


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Remote/Distance Sessions: How Does It Work?

As many of you may or may not know,  about 99% of my clients are either over the phone or Skype. I get many questions on this, the most common being “how does it work if I am not there? How does my body know what is going On?”

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7 Signs Of An EMF Sensitivity And 4 Simple Steps To Fix It!

Did you know that we are more than just flesh and blood? We have a complex electromagnetic system – such as the aura field. The Aura is just a form of EMF. Our thoughts, spirit, are another form of EMF. Our bodies produce EMF as well, at low intensity. The natural world and our bodies actually create natural EMFs. With technology as it is today and with all the advances we are making, we are being surrounded more and more with artificial EMF.

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BodyTalk: What is it?

BodyTalk–What is THAT? This is a question I am asked almost on a daily basis and I welcome the curiosity.

There was a time where I was intrigued after exhausting all my options with my health and even the name just  had a ring to it for me.

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Navigating Life as an Empath

Many of my clients and friends have asked me the same question, and it has been one that I have also struggled with, “How do I get through life being an empath? How do I stay centered, balanced and not overwhelmed every day?”

This can deeply affect your quality of life – it isn’t a bad thing to be able to empathise and understand where another is coming from, but there are many who can literally feel emotions coming from others and often will take it on themselves.
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Living In The Shadows

It has been a long road and I’ve had many experiences in my lifetime. There are lots I am open and willing to discuss, others not so much.
If you knew me about six to seven years ago, you would’ve seen and noticed some of how I was back then. It took so much of what I’ve gone through to seek more out of life.
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