Building relationships is very crucial to any business, online or offline. So, as a business owner/entrepreneur or even someone who is say, a Yoga Instructor or Reiki Practitioner, how will you stand out if you solely represent just a business or product?
When you build a relationship with someone, they want to know about YOU. They want to make a connection with YOU. They need to like YOU. They want to be able to relate to YOU and then they will begin to trust you before anything will happen.

Tip #1) BE YOURSELF. You know how to talk to people. Anyone can get a feeling for someone who isn’t being sincere, who is following a script, who isn’t confident in what they do or love what they do. Once you’ve made that impression that you aren’t there genuinely to be their friend or get to know their needs, you’ve lost that person.

Tip #2) Gain their trust. When you genuinely care about them as a person, you will actually look them up before approaching them online. You will check out their profile. You will find some commonalities to talk about. You will get to know them before getting to know them. That way, you know what questions to ASK. If you ask them how their health is, but in their tagline, the first thing you see, is “Health and Wellness Expert” well that’s just bad business and an immediate turn off.

Tip #3) Find their NEEDS. Now that you’ve built trust and gotten to know them,  it is up to you to figure out the needs of your target market by asking appropriate questions. Usually people will say what their issues are, and then you can ask them if they are open to a solution.
This is extremely important because no one goes to social media to be sold something unless you’ve established rapport already.

Tip #4) Be the SOLUTION. Once you have figured out their needs, ask if they are open to a possible solution you may have. If they are open to it, perfect! If not, I ask what the resistance may be just for my own knowledge, but they may also have a misperception that I can alleviate for them. Sometimes they are just not interested and that’s fine! It won’t change the relationship you have built because you genuinely care about them. They may be the ones who refer tons to you because even though it may not be their thing, they more than likely know someone who it would benefit.

The thing is, not everyone will like who you are, and that is OKAY. Wouldn’t you rather develop a following of people who come to you because they like, know, trust and relate to you? This is attraction marketing–not repulsion.  So work on building those relationships, planting those seeds! That is the fundamentals of any business.