When you own your own business, or even in any job, it is key to have a mentor that you can RELATE to. If you cannot relate to your mentor, how are their tactics that got them success going to be beneficial to you?
It is hard to follow a person if they do not have similar morals, values and beliefs. You need to build that relationship with someone that is similar to you. If you’re not a materialistic person, say you do not care about owning brand name stuff, I wouldn’t go for a mentor who is flashy.
There is nothing wrong with being a little flashy, and that person will attract those who want that lifestyle.

Look for others who have a lifestyle similar to yours or one you want. It is so important because on a subconscious level, if you don’t relate to them, if you don’t have a good connection with them, you will not do the work they tell you to do.
They will have no pull, no influence. You will not take them seriously. Or, their tactics just might not work for you!
Maybe you will do some of the work, maybe you will get some result but not a lot.

If you want to be truly successful, if you want to work hard and get to your goals FAST, then you need someone who inspires you as well as motivates you.
Motivation is good, but if there’s no inspiration behind it, you won’t believe in what you’re doing.
I’ve done in the past what others told me worked for them, but it wasn’t something I enjoyed doing and it didn’t feel genuine to ME. I did it anyway and guess what? I pushed a lot of people away.

Good qualities in mentors are:
*Have reached the goal you want to attain. If your goal is to make a little extra money on the side, having a 7 figure mentor probably isn’t the best. Same with if you want to make 7 figures, you will need someone who makes more than 3 figures.
*Have content that is helpful for you
*Creates a game plan with you
*Holds you accountable but doesn’t hold your hand
*Pushes you to get out of your comfort zone
*Similar qualities, beliefs and values
*Similar lifestyle to what you want. If you want to travel more, you wouldn’t pick a mentor who doesn’t travel at all.
*Someone who genuinely inspires YOU. Just because someone can inspire thousands of others, if it doesn’t hit home for you, it’s not the right person for you.
*Someone that you would want to be like. Mentors help you GROW. Choose one that you’d want to be like!
*Provides solutions to your fears and doubts.
*Someone who walks their talk and takes action. Someone could have the best advice in the world, but if they aren’t practicing what they preach, its completely insincere and there is no result there. How would that be a benefit?
*Has similar experiences and knowledge as well as similar personality. Someone with a personality opposite to yours will not be able to help you get out there. I say this because, if you’re an introvert and your mentor is an extrovert, they will not understand how to get you out of that mentality to build your business. If they haven’t gone through similar fears and insecurities, they can’t show you how to rise above it.
*Invests in themselves. You can’t grow without continual learning. You can’t progress without investing in self. This doesn’t mean you go out and spend thousands of dollars. You can start small by getting $10-50 books, using youtube to learn new things as well, we live in an amazing time with technology! There are tons of cost efficient courses for when you start out.
*Positivity. If you’re mentor is a constant downer or isn’t truthful about things, that is stagnant energy and progression will not happen. If they engage in negativity, that is not what you want. If you engage in negativity often-step away from it. That energy can be sensed by anyone even if they didn’t see what you said or did.
*Promotes hard work NOT get rich quick. YES you can quickly build and see results, but it doesn’t just HAPPEN. Dedication, discipline, inspiration and lots of HARD WORK will get you there. Many think it will fall into their lap. It doesn’t work that way. Talk to anyone who has become a top earner, they didn’t get there by dilly dallying and avoiding the work and consistent work.

If you have resistance with who you’re working with, if you’re not connecting with them on a mental, emotional and even spiritual level, it isn’t the person for you. I’m not talking about resistance to action due to fear. I’m talking about when you don’t feel inspired by what they are telling you, when it doesn’t seem to fit for you.
One of my mentors right now, at first I was weary. We built trust first. I followed him for awhile. He gave me tons of value that seemed to speak to the issues I was having. I want to travel, I want to work from anywhere and he does that. Just because he doesn’t have kids doesn’t mean I can’t relate to him on a business and personal level. We have similar interests and goals. His income is where I want to get to in a year.
When he posts something, I immediately think YES THIS IS GOLD.
If someone doesn’t make you feel like that, there’s something missing.

In the end, it is up to YOU to make your business work for you. You cannot blame your upline/downline/boss/mentor. If something isn’t working, find out WHAT it is. If you don’t feel like you have proper training or skills, talk to someone. Seek that out. If you’re not getting results its either you’re not following attraction marketing, you don’t have the right mentor or you’re not doing the work. It can also be all of the above. If you’re working your butt off and nothing is happening, remember it doesn’t happen instantly, but look at your content.

Everyone starts somewhere. Once you find that person to look up to who can help you, start learning skills that will help others. your skills won’t help every person, you will find or attract those who need what you’re offering and then you become the leader and professional in that skillset and start teaching. This is where duplication happens.