There has been a lot of talk recently about intermittent fasting and if its actually beneficial for you.
So what is intermittent fasting? It is an eating pattern alternating between eating and fasting. Wait, hold up – fasting? Does this mean I starve myself? This is the most common thing to probably cross your mind as it did mine – the simple answer on my system is no, since there are snack options to graze throughout the day. It isn’t like some where you only drink water and nothing else for a day.
We fast every single night for usually 12 hours on average. Our last meal is anywhere between 5-8pm and we usually don’t eat again til roughly 7-8am – our body is already naturally doing this, so it is not unnatural for us.
Intermittent fasting can be as simple as extending this a little longer. Some choose to do this daily, but from what I’ve been doing, I do it ONCE – yes ONCE – per week. You can choose to do two days in one week and alternate weeks.
So no, I am not depriving myself- It is for one day a week. I also have a ton more energy, less inflammation and I’m overall SO much happier.
You have a couple snack options as well to graze through the day because the key here is to give your digestion a rest so it can start burning the stored fat we want to lose which is why there isn’t full meals.

So let’s go back into intermittent fasting. The one day a week I do it, it is a period of 24 hours once a week.
You do not eat meals during that time, however you can have of course water, coffee (which is great to have a cup first thing in the morning to extend thermogenesis (thermogenesis is a natural metabolic process in which your body burns calories to produce heat which in turns burns fat and our body will do this as we sleep but we can extend that by our diet and exercise patterns) you can also have tea and other non caloric beverages BUT you can also have a couple different snacks to choose from to snack on periodically during that time.
Within this time frame, I take a couple scoops of nutritional cleansing 4x during that day which is an antioxidant and botanical-rich beverage developed to support the body’s own detoxification mechanisms. If you want to read more and see the scientific research click HERE.

When we eat, that becomes the first part of calorie consumption. When we exercise and get rid of calories, its usually from what we recently ate, not the parts of the body where we are storing fat for energy, so typically we will never burn through the calories we eat and get to the fat we want out. When you do intermittent fasting, you begin activating and burning through the fat that has been stored.

Benefits of intermittent fasting:
-Help with losing weight and belly fat as well as maintaining a healthy weight
-Help increase metabolic rate
-Increase energy
-Help reduce inflammation in the body

This is what I’ve noticed over the last few months. I ate healthy, I exercised regularly, but I wasn’t really gaining any momentum, burning fat, NOTHING. I lost maybe a few inches in about 9 months and it was a yo-yo effect. I was FRUSTRATED beyond belief.
Then I started intermittent fasting + cleansing, I also saw a program on Dr. Oz and Dr. Michael Mosley about the health benefits of this, and then a friend of mine introduced me to the cleanse and also healthy protein, 100 calorie snacks and 400-600 calorie meals to go along with my nutritional program.

My weight was staying the same for so long. I am proud to say I am officially down 11 lbs!
Its taken a couple months but WOW I am incredibly proud of my success.
I started here:
Arms: 12
Buttocks – 42
Chest – 38
Thighs – 23
Waist – 33
Weight – 186

This is TODAY :

Arms – 11
Buttocks – 40
Chest – 36
Thighs – 21
Waist- 31
Weight – 175

These are my pictures – the scale doesn’t show you body composition and how your body has CHANGED.

I am extremely excited and I am helping many others like me get to where they want to be. I’ve cut out cravings, I’ve cut out those random days of going to starbucks and tim hortons or a quick meal when I have a very busy day with my daughter, although they weren’t often it adds up – plus having an actual meal plan so I avoid buying anything unnecessary.

If you’re done struggling, if you want better nutrition and take back your youth, if you’re done being sick and tired – please send me a message at or text at 403-826-7199 “nutrition”

**If you are under the care of a health professional or have any health concerns – please take the information to your doctor to be cleared and continue being monitored by your physician.**