BodyTalk–What is THAT? This is a question I am asked almost on a daily basis and I welcome the curiosity.

There was a time where I was intrigued after exhausting all my options with my health and even the name just  had a ring to it for me.

Quite simply stated, BodyTalk is a conscious-based healthcare system. Being conscious means you are aware of self and your environment. The theory we work with is that the body is a dynamic system which means everything in the body is in constant communication with each other.

When the communication in the body begins to break down, it results in symptoms like pain, tenderness, limited range of motion, stiffness, and even overwhelming feelings. For me, it was chronic pain, chronic fatigue, weakened immune system, name it.

The client’s innate wisdom will guide the session through a specific protocol chart which the trained practitioner will muscle test to find where the breakdown of communication may be. Your innate wisdom is the body’s natural intuition that knows what is happening in the body and the sequencing in which it needs to be restored.

BodyTalk also combines Eastern and Western medicine to help promote optimal wellness and growth. When we address the whole body rather than the symptoms you begin to uncover the root cause of what you  are dealing with.

I work on all levels – Physical, emotional, environmental and spiritual. Everything that you have ever been through and experienced has contributed to your current state of health.

It is an energetic health system which works great as a stand-alone system or in conjunction with any modality. It is important to note, we aren’t doctors. We do NOT diagnose and prescribe anything. We simply work with restoring the balance in the bodymind complex.

The phenomenal process means it is tailored for every individual and will be different every session.
All techniques are safe and non-invasive.

Some of my areas that I love to work in are:
*Emotional awareness and health such as anxiety, depression, low self esteem etc
*Mental health
*Aches and pains
*Stress overload
*Microbiome health
*Allergies and intolerances
*Stress disorders
*Trauma – most recently those fleeing from war
*Imbalanced sleep
*Scars and adhesions
*Matrix Dynamics (energy systems behind friends, family, business, your own projected energies)

I also work on the subconscious level of the body/mind. Most of what we believe and fear is not conscious, it lies deep below the surface and often we do not realise it. Often, what we consciously think is opposite of our subconscious.

So who can benefit from a session? Anyone! You do not have to be sick and tired for it to work. We are constantly growing, evolving, changing and this can help the process big time. If you feel drawn to work with me then perfect! If not, no hard feelings. I know my personality and style isn’t for everyone but to get to know me better, check out my facebook page as well as my business page.

I have worked with clients that have said “I have no pain behind the eyes” “I’m not stressed out” “my shoulders feel fine” and then a week later, I will get an email or a text saying “OH MY, I guess it had been that way for so long because I didn’t notice until it released and actually felt normal!” We can live with something for so long and ever forget it was a problem. Some have really high stress thresholds or pain thresholds so they have no idea until things are rebalanced.

I have found this system has helped me and so many others get in touch with their emotions, be more aware of their body and what is happening in it. I know it sounds a bit bizarre, wouldn’t you know if something was wrong? Not always! There have been times I had no idea my back hurt until I got a massage. We learn to live with certain things, sometimes because we feel we have no time, or something else hurts way more.

I have also noticed that where we feel the pain, often isn’t where the problem is. I’ve had clients come in for shoulder pain but it turned out to be the liver meridian or hip which means it is referred pain patterns.

When I am in a session, I explain everything that comes up as fully as possible so you walk away with a lot of knowledge of self and your body. I guide you through the tapping sequencing and I am always up for any questions. I also teach you techniques that you can easily apply throughout your day so you can feel more empowered and in charge of how you feel.

One thing I’d like to add, is I am the neutral interface between the communication for you and your body/mind. I observe the changes that need to be made, get your brain to acknowledge it and the heart to store it. Your body does the healing – I am not a “fix it” person, I am not a “healer” in that sense.

I want everyone to feel empowered and not dependent on sessions to “fix you.” It can help give you clarity, it can shift specific patterns, believes, ego issues, emotional issues but know that YOU are the courageous one doing the WORK!! It takes a lot of honesty and know there is NO judgement with what comes up for you. This also means the homework I give you is for your benefit, they are tools you can apply and there are small changes that do need to occur to help shift and create new neural pathways in the brain.

What if I told you, most of the pain, most of the stress and triggers we experience aren’t from the last couple weeks or even months? Would you be willing to dive into years 0-10 to see how those days and those emotions play into the person you are now? Those are the MOST crucial years to learning what healthy relationships look like (which can be pathological, if we are in a home where the relationship isn’t healthy, that is how we view relationships ‘should be’), how we feel about money, our self esteem, how emotions are viewed and then we build on it from there.

The sessions are like peeling away the layers of an onion. We start at the surface and work our way to the core, releasing our masks, our false identities, our false views on how we ‘should be’, how we ‘should feel’, how we ‘should act’, all the responsibilities we place on ourselves, the expectations we have or feel are directed at us, how we react to our environment and those in it, and so much more. It will help you step into your power and into just be-ing!

If you have questions, place them in the comments or email me at! I would love to hear from you and answer anything that comes up for you in regards to this.