As many of you may or may not know,  about 99% of my clients are either over the phone or Skype. I get many questions on this, the most common being “how does it work if I am not there? How does my body know what is going On?”

The main thing as a practitioner is using a surrogate. There are plenty of times where we can not use biofeedback directly on the client so we have to use something else. What is most important is the direct focus, because in every session our right brain is what gathers the information for the left brain. We are using our intuition and focus. I direct every question with the attention to the client, not surrogate. Therefore, all the information will correspond to said client.

I use myself usually as the surrogate,  I will write the name on a sticky note and place on my navel so the energy blueprint of the client is brought in. I focus on the client’s hologram/blueprint for information since there as no time and space barriers to energy. I also use a modality called Mindscape where you are trained to tune into anyone or anything (permission required) by having a label to identify with.

Since taking this modality, I can assess and work with anyone or animal or plant regardless if I have personally met them or not. It is important to note that no session will take place without verbal or written consent. Everyone has free will and without that permission, will not “show up” in Mindscape.

The holographic universe theory documentary

I also do not read everyone or work on everyone I meet. One, because of permission and ethical reasons. 2) it would be exhausting and what purpose would that serve? It would also be egoic.

That is one of the main misperceptions, is that I will peer into anyone’s “soul” and that is just a projected fear,  and nothing I would ever do. I maintain my professionality as well as ethical standards.

The sessions are the exact same as in person, we talk on the phone, I guide you through the session, we talk about everything that  comes up and you are involved in the tap out procedure.

It is just as effective as being in person,  no difference, The only thing that matters is who you want to work with and your preference.

As a practitioner, I still use biofeedback to check and make sure we are working with the right things even when intuitive hits come up. If there are any further questions please ask!

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