The color vibration associated with the Sacral is Orange and the associated endocrines are ovaries, testes and prostrate, the associated organ is the kidneys.

The sacral, also known as the sexual chakra, is a powerful source of energy for many. Most of us, when we think “sexual”, the only thing coming to mind are acts of intimacy.

However, it is not the only thing associated with the sacral, but it is important to note that unbalanced intimite acts can disempower or overstimulate this area.

When I talk about unbalanced intimacy, that leads to a wide variety of issues. Sometimes we have a lower sex drive due to hormones, medication, medical issues or past trauma. This can lead to an emotional shut down, issues with self esteem, body awareness, and not engaging in any healthy intimacy. Sometimes, it will lead to not engaging whatsoever, or not choosing the right partners.

The same can be said of an overactive sacral – not engaging in healthy intimacy. Not choosing the right partners. Using the intimacy as a way to validate self, raise self esteem or oc sexual behaviours. This too can lead to unfilfillment, lack of joy, and short lived desires. Our sexuality is our outward focus, utilising all of our five senses in more of a physical relation.

The best way to overcome these issues, is to focus on our own self love, loving our bodies fully, raising our self esteem, working through past trauma related, to find our creative outlets, letting go of jealousy, and finding the happiness within. When our inward focus is limited, we often reach to the outside to fill what we feel is lacking.

Our sensuality is our inward focus. It is the subtle enjoyment of all five senses and isn’t JUST sexual in nature. It is the blissful feelings from utilising our subtle senses to enjoy the present moment fully. Have you ever heard the term “This dessert is orgasmic”? It is a way to describe how enjoyable and delicious that treat is.

Then we have our emotion of joy associated. Joy is the feeling of great pleasure and happiness, so it makes sense it is associated with this chakra. The antonym would be misery- which is great distress/discomfort of mind and body, unhappiness. Often when we feel a lack of joy we need to look at this chakra and see what is going on. It could be hormonal, again past traumas like attacks, surgeries, or if we have a lot of fear.

Our desire is housed here too. Desire can either be a strong feeling of wanting something to happen, or a strong sexual feeling. If we have tons of desires or none, looking here can clarify what is happening. Sometimes we feel as if we have lost our desire for life, desire for others, and lack life acceptance as well as clarity.

Lastly – creativity is a huge part of our sacral. We are all creative in some way by nature. Some are creative in art, some are in business, in relationships, with money, with our hands or minds. Creativity simply means involving the imagination or original ideas. If we are in positions or situations for long extended periods of time where we are not allowed to have an original idea or an imagination, this area will begin to shut down, Our creative energy is a driving force in our life to being able to manifest and continue to grow as a person.

Not only do we have these concepts, but we have the meridians as well as consciousness aspects to look at.

Kidneys as a meridian: Runs 5pm-7pm daily, is associated with bone marrow, stability, fear, ancestry, depression, coping and wisdom. The meridian runs from each clavicle, central, and runs down the inside of both the left and right of the body, travelling down the insides of the legs, knees, feet. Underneath the big toe on the underside of the foot, where it curves in, if you massage that area it will usually be tight or tender. If we feel like we have no stability, if we find it hard to cope or we cope all the time, if fear takes over or we have zero fear, if depression sets in, it is usually a kidney meridian issue.

Looking at the kidney from a conscious based perspective, it represents willpower, energy production in the body, sensuality, separation: pure/impure, coping (fear of), paranoia, fear, will to live and survive. Lack of energy, too much fear, feeling alone, depressed, not sensual, things of those nature can affect the kidneys. You can begin to see how our past experiences, our past traumas, can affect these regions greatly.

Ovaries/testes from a conscious based perspective: All about reproduction (if it is wanted but can’t happen can affect the energy of the ovaries), sensuality/sexuality, self preservation (protection of self from harm/death, basic human instinct, preserve ones existance. Can be out of balance because the feeling we get that warns us of danger can be out of whack due to past trauma or fear.) Life acceptance (not accepting life circumstances), creativity, release, drive/strength.

Limited expressions of our sacral (or these issues themselves can lead to sacral issues) can lead to inability to experience sexual/sensual pleasure, inability to express creativity, possessiveness, jealousy, physical ailments of the reproductive organs like ovarian cysts/tumours, fibroids, breast issues, sterility, impotence, PMS, oc sexual behaviour, autoimmune issues, lack of joy and low self esteem.

How to tell if its overactive or closed?

Closed sacral can shut down your creative nature, feel isolated, lack of feeling emotionally, can be controlling, missing opportunities, lack of energy, lack of sexuality, sensuality, feeling unstable or completely fearless (not a good thing for survival).

Overactive can lead to depression, needy, constant reassurance from others, and even though you’re creative you will not have confidence in what you produce and cannot accept criticism from others. This is where self validation comes in from others. This is where you may also live in extreme fear, need to be “strong” for others, your motivation and drive will be on 24/7 until you crash.

Even though we may experience this atleast once in our lives, there are lots that we can do to help heal our sacral. Reiki/BodyTalk can help restore balance, crystals such as Citrine, orange carnelian, orange adventurine, orange and coral calcite. If it is overactive orange carnelian, snowflake obsidian, amber, amethyst, tourmaline.

You can listen to the 528 solfeggio frequencies, work with a counsellor, and even addressing the heart chakra – as it is the anchor for all of our chakras. Sometimes it helps to look at this in conjunction with the heart. Addressing the self esteem and body image issues can be extremely beneficial, the separation consciousness (see my previous post on separation), as well as releasing any emotions from others we may carry here.

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