My name is Cassandra Finch, I am 33 years old with a 6 year old daughter. I am finally sharing in depth, my past and struggles.
I have not always been in the health and wellness field, I was in business management from age 17-24, but started at that job at age 15.

I got involved at age 23 after a lot of health issues and suffering. That lead me to where I am today–In service to others in many ways–to help them improve their health, become more self aware and heal from past traumas.

In the beginning…
It all started when I was born–I had lung issues and would stop breathing so I was hospitalised until they could figure out the issue. I had developed severe allergies to the point of wearing a mask with constant puffers. I could not get through a day without this set up.
As life went on, I got sick and had rounds after rounds of antibiotics. As you know, they are helpful but can damage the immune system when taken lots over extended periods of time.

Fast forward to age 16–my immune system seemed to stop working. My metabolism seemed to stop. I gained about 65 pounds. I was always thin–about 110 lbs-til that point. I was always tired, I was constantly sick with throat infections, migraines and all that could happen was prescription of more antibiotics/penicillin and the never ending cycle of sickness continued.

From the age of 14-25, I also had a stalker which caused severe stress due to numerous death threats and showing up where I went to school, worked, walked, you name it. Yes, I went to the police. I have records of every time. I have a huge file folder of documentation. I was also told that “until you wind up dead in a ditch we can’t do anything.” straight from the male police in my town. Long story short, a female cop managed to get three convictions and a one year restraining order after writing a victim impact statement. I’m glad I didn’t have to be present, writing it was traumatic enough at the time. It didn’t stop the issue but helped. I was constantly looking over my shoulder, terrified of that “bullet with your name on it that will come when you least expect it” didn’t help me. My adrenals were shot.

At this point–I was fed up already with life. I didn’t make many friends because I didn’t think I could fulfil any expectations because of how sick I always was. I kept trying to exercise, do what I could to lose the weight with no success.

I was sent in for testing time and time again, everything seemed normal, and the answer was “You’re young and healthy–ride it out.” I saught a second, third, fourth and fifth opinion. All resulting in the same.
I am in no way discrediting the western medical system–It has a time and a place where it can be very beneficial, but unfortunately for me, it wasn’t.

When I was 19, I was getting more frustrated, depressed and tried to take charge the ways I knew how. I cut out sugar, most dairy, I started portion controlling and cut out pop. This helped for about ten pounds. I was exercising and still not losing weight. I increased my water intake. I ate less more often. I had enough protein. I did everything that 6+ personal trainers, dieticians you name it, told me to do.

I was taking extra strength Tylenol often because of severe migraines that had been occurring since the age of 16. Any other meds like antibiotics and such that I had to take, made me very ill.

It wasn’t until 7 tests later that finally, at age 21, they said my thyroid hormone were a little low but cusp of deficient. Iron levels were low but cusp of deficient. Anything but Tylenol for meds I was reacting bad to.

Also, after regular screening my cervical cells were changing. I was going in for more routine testing every six months. My health was deteriorating fast. I was working full time, over 45 hours a week usually, and when I wasn’t doing that, I was sleeping. I barely went out and did anything, I am not even sure how I had relationships in that time frame. Occasionally I would feel okay, go camping for a day or two, go for dinner or a movie, take a drive, but I was feeling pain ALL over my body. I would smile and pretend that hugs from friends didn’t hurt, that I felt okay and got pretty good at pretending. My lower back was the worst, I could barely stand and couldn’t take any more pain killers. I began leaving work early one day a week because the pain would get so bad.

I am sad to say, not only with this going on, I became the most cynical, negative person you could imagine. I hated life because it felt like my life was robbed from me due to so much physical pain. I was good at coping, I didn’t talk to anyone about it because I would hear the same old crap “go see someone about it” which I had been for years. I should mention there were a few car accidents in my younger years too. No one took my pain seriously and thought I was either making it up or I just wanted attention. I lost a lot of the very few friends I had, the ones that stayed I had to pretend to be okay and show up to events regardless of my struggle.

I started to say screw it. This is my life. So I began being very self destructive. I began drinking and partying lots because I no longer cared. It was a way of ignoring the pain and figured, if I didn’t have a long life, I would party it away. Awful, right? I gave up. I was constantly crying alone with no support, I felt like a failure to everyone around me. Sure, I was a manager with a good salary from a young age. Sure I bought a house at 20 and had savings. Sure I bought all my furniture and car cash. Did that change how I felt about myself? No. I remember nights of driving to the river or beach and just wanting to go in and never come out.

All of that began to shift at the age of 23. A good friend of mine listened to my complaints and me being at my wits end. She asked if I would be willing to do a session with her. I asked her what “BodyTalk” was, and she told me it was wholehealthcare, a conscious-based system that is non-invasive, no diagnosing or prescribing, but treats the body as a dynamic system. I was a bit hesitant and jaded and thought “Well, if medications can’t help or doctors, how can this help me?”
Even though I had used my intuition lots in the past, believed in something more, as well as the power of our minds, all I had was my childhood of having no one relate to me on that, so I thought either I was crazy or it didn’t exist, but also didn’t let it go.
Despite my negative outlook, I showed up anyway. We did the session and the next day I noticed, no more back pain. I haven’t had a migraine since the session either. A few days went on, a few weeks…it didn’t return. I was so intrigued by this system, I went to the public presentation a few weeks later and signed up for the course.
After 5 months, I became a CBP and I have been practicing 10 years helping others.

BodyTalk helped address so much physical pain and more importantly, got me out of my depression. It helped me shift my belief from I am nothing, to I am valuable–I have so much to offer. It gave me emotional freedom, it has helped me release SO many belief systems about me and my life that was keeping me stuck and keeping me sick. I didn’t believe I would ever get better, that this was the best life had to offer. I went from thinking about not wanting to be here, to wanting to leave a legacy around helping others heal from past traumas, to let go of negative belief systems, to help them release emotions held onto for years upon years.

Life was just starting for me then. I saw the light of potential. I stopped drinking and started to try and change my behaviours. I started having panic attacks daily and felt pathetic , mostly because I numbed all my feelings so at this point, I had to deal with them. I took all the advanced courses to help deepen my knowledge of anatomy/physiology, consciousness, and so much more. Every day I became less and less negative to the point where I started to feel normal and realised most of my body pain was gone. I began understanding our microbiome more, I learned Reiki too, got back into dance, had a daughter, worked in a wholistic clinic then became an entrepreneur.

Despite my energy work, I still had low energy and low iron. I started learning about pH imbalances and how that can create inflammation, disease, fatigue, immune issues, you name it. My energy levels had gotten much better but still had room for improvement. It wasn’t until I finally became pregnant after quite some time of trying, that routine testing showed my ph at a 3. It should be at 7! So, I began taking a supplement. Within 5-6 weeks it went from a 3 to a 7.5. I went from having very low blood pressure to normal, no energy to lots, and finally my pregnancy became easier! This was mid October of 2015 where I finally started to feel normal in my pregnancy and she was due Feb 6 2016 (came on Jan 17 2016). I noticed my digestion got better. After 5 months, had all my hormone levels retested…ALL NORMAL!! After all these events, do I think its coincidence? Absolutely not. For me, all these natural ways helped me more than anything else. I think its important to have a small circle of what you know works for you. I don’t rely on just one thing. It is all connected.

Another important part is finding real friends. Ones who understand, and even if they don’t, show you unconditional love and compassion. Who may not agree with everything you do or love but won’t judge you. Life isn’t always ideal but having a support network who are there is crucial, otherwise isolation and no accountability will take over. For a long time I had absolutely no one except for whoever I was dating at the time which was probably why I had a hard time being alone.

After seeking a naturopath after having severe cervical changes, I kept seeking alternative ways because I wanted to potentially have a child. I didn’t want to have a procedure that would compromise my ability to carry a child. After years of being told to keep getting retested, I finally was granted a biopsy to screen and make sure that my cell change will not turn for the worst. After a scare during pregnancy – no increased changes – so I was able to get through full term.
After giving birth 6 months later, I had a biopsy which showed all normal cells.

Unfortunately I also went through PPD. I strive to also be a voice for others dealing with it, another goal is to break the stigma associated so mothers can get the help and support they need. I aspire to team up with others in the future to really start making a difference in the community. PPD is one of those things where it can be hard to pinpoint the cause, and often there isn’t.

Now, I live my life to the fullest. I love my life. It took honesty with self, looking beyond the normal means, and deciding that I deserve to take back my health and my life. I went from giving up to wanting to give back and help others let go and find their inner happiness. I want there to be more integrated systems of dealing with health and some compassion for others who are suffering. I am proud of my progress. I still have a long way to go but I am amazed I do not wake up anymore wishing I didn’t, feeling worthless, useless, lonely, sad and like a failure. I am glad the first thing that crosses my mind when I wake up is how grateful I am for my past, without it I wouldn’t have learned so much, how to apply my talents with intuition and education with a business mindset. I wouldn’t have the fulfilling career now nor amazing friendships and family connections.

Despite being diagnosed with chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia – I am still finding ways that work for me, since the only thing you can do is self management.
I notice when I am overgiving, abandoning myself or just “taking” the stress because thats when my pain flares up.
I’m working on my mindset around being used – because my body will respond when I do view things that aren’t actually happening in a negative way.

I believe that healing is a life long journey, not a destination. It is the continual dedication to you and deepening who you are.

This is why I do what I do. All it took was one person to get me on a path of healing and self love. I strive to do that for others. I live to listen, to educate, to help, to show compassion and kindness where it is so often forgotten in this world.