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Remote/Distance Sessions: How Does It Work?

As many of you may or may not know,  about 99% of my clients are either over the phone or Skype. I get many questions on this, the most common being “how does it work if I am not there? How does my body know what is going On?”

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Building Relationships-4 Main Tips

Building relationships is very crucial to any business, online or offline. So, as a business owner/entrepreneur or even someone who is say, a Yoga Instructor or Reiki Practitioner, how will you stand out if you solely represent just a business or product?
When you build a relationship with someone, they want to know about YOU. They want to make a connection with YOU. They need to like YOU. They want to be able to relate to YOU and then they will begin to trust you before anything will happen.
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Why Relating To Your Mentor Is Key

When you own your own business, or even in any job, it is key to have a mentor that you can RELATE to. If you cannot relate to your mentor, how are their tactics that got them success going to be beneficial to you?
It is hard to follow a person if they do not have similar morals, values and beliefs. You need to build that relationship with someone that is similar to you. If you’re not a materialistic person, say you do not care about owning brand name stuff, I wouldn’t go for a mentor who is flashy.
There is nothing wrong with being a little flashy, and that person will attract those who want that lifestyle.
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Are Your Excuses Holding You Back?

I want to chat to those who want to own their own business. Who want to be entrepreneurs or are struggling, this may just be what you need to hear about how excuses are killing your business and life.
**WARNING** This may get you to be self aware and think about what you say to yourself DAILY.  If you’re the kind of person that can’t work well on your own and create your own deadlines, then it may not be for you
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Top 4 Reasons You Need A Target Market

“Talking to everyone is talking to no one!” Keysha Bass

When I heard that line, it struck a chord with me. I had chosen my target market because I was told to do so, and it made sense on that level, but I never thought about it the way Keysha put it.

I used to think that speaking generally and applying to everyone was SO great because everyone could relate..right? NOPE! I spent more time defending myself and my business than talking to those who need my help which I will talk about later.
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