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Living In The Shadows

It has been a long road and I’ve had many experiences in my lifetime. There are lots I am open and willing to discuss, others not so much.
If you knew me about six to seven years ago, you would’ve seen and noticed some of how I was back then. It took so much of what I’ve gone through to seek more out of life.
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Intermittent Fasting -Have you heard of it?

There has been a lot of talk recently about intermittent fasting and if its actually beneficial for you.
So what is intermittent fasting? It is an eating pattern alternating between eating and fasting. Wait, hold up – fasting? Does this mean I starve myself? This is the most common thing to probably cross your mind as it did mine – the simple answer on my system is no, since there are snack options to graze throughout the day. It isn’t like some where you only drink water and nothing else for a day.
We fast every single night for usually 12 hours on average. Our last meal is anywhere between 5-8pm and we usually don’t eat again til roughly 7-8am – our body is already naturally doing this, so it is not unnatural for us.
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Spheno-Basilar Junction!

What is the Spheno-Basilar Junction??

The spheno-basilar junction, also known as SBJ, is the cartilaginous junction (that resembles the shape of a butterfly), of the sphenoid bone and the basilar portion of the occipital bone at the base of the skull.

There are common signs when the SBJ is locked into place and not moving freely. Have you experienced any of these?
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Detox Bath Benefits

So, I realized how long it has been since I’ve done anything like float therapy, and while I am not going to dump 5 bags of epsom salt into my tub – I found the next best thing that is said to help a few different things – A detox bath!
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Melatonin-Used for fat loss?!

So, we have all heard about that amazing hormone melatonin! It is produced by the pineal gland, and it is secreted at night to help regulate sleep patterns.

But, is that all it really does?? Or, does it have another pretty kick ass role in our body?

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Meditation-Do you really have to sit quietly?

Over the years, I have been practicing meditation on my own, trying different styles and ways to help release stress, gain clarity and insight. When I started, I thought the same thing many others have – “Do you really have to sit quietly and not have any thoughts?”

The quick short answer is NO! Here is why…

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Unconditional Love

As soon as I knew I wanted to write about this, I began looking for a picture that described what this is. I decided to go for one without words. The ones with words on them usually were completely misinterpreted meanings of unconditional love.

I want to explain the difference between conditional love and unconditional love.
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Smudging Your Property!

I have done a live video about smudging here, and I am also going in depth in this blog about how I do it and my perception around it. There is no right or wrong, as long as you are trusting your own gut instincts/intuition around what needs to be done for you.

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The Brow Chakra-Anchor For Intuition!

We are more than just physical beings living in the third dimension. When you go through history, the¬†referencing to intuition and alpha states as a way to tap into inspiration, information and so much more is astonishing. There may be many things that science hasn’t fully proven yet, however science is constantly advancing and finding new things.

Did you know, once upon a time in 1865, John Newlands first discovered the periodic table? Did you know he was widely criticized for his work? He gave up on it due to it not being accepted and refusal to publish his work because of its theoretical nature. However, four years later, without knowledge of his work, Mandaleev in 1869, published a more complete version of the periodic table. Now, this is something taught every day in science.

The reason I use this story is to show that there are times where something that may be “theoretical” in nature and not fully proven yet, can still be proven to be right and improved upon the more it is understood. It does not make it “crazy” or “wrong”.
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