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Cleansing Your Home

There is no right or wrong, as long as you are trusting your own gut instincts/intuition around what needs to be done for you.

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The Brow Chakra-Anchor For Intuition!

We are more than just physical beings living in the third dimension. When you go through history, the referencing to intuition and alpha states as a way to tap into inspiration, information and so much more is astonishing. There may be many things that science hasn’t fully proven yet, however science is constantly advancing and finding new things.

Did you know, once upon a time in 1865, John Newlands first discovered the periodic table? Did you know he was widely criticized for his work? He gave up on it due to it not being accepted and refusal to publish his work because of its theoretical nature. However, four years later, without knowledge of his work, Mandaleev in 1869, published a more complete version of the periodic table. Now, this is something taught every day in science.

The reason I use this story is to show that there are times where something that may be “theoretical” in nature and not fully proven yet, can still be proven to be right and improved upon the more it is understood. It does not make it “crazy” or “wrong”.
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The Throat Chakra: What Is It “Saying” To You?

This chakra is my LEAST favorite–mostly because me and verbal communication have been at a bit of a standstill for awhile. It makes me nervous, I go blank, and stress overrides any conversation where I have to speak from the heart. It’s hard, it’s messy, and it is what so many of us avoid. This is just a small part of this energy vortex.
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The Heart Chakra-Is Yours Open?

I’ve talked a bit about the heart meridian here, however I want to write more about the heart chakra. They have basically the same meanings, but as an energy center and vortex in the body, it is very important to our emotional and physical health.
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How To: Supporting Others

I was going to write a blog today on the heart meridian, something I feel so strongly about, but just for today, my heart “wasn’t in it.” Maybe, it has been because others have been confusing sharing opinions and facts as actual personal attacks. Your opinion or “fact”, does not give you a right to personally attack another person.
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Sore Wrists? What Does It Mean For You?

Ahhh, yes, the excruciating pain of repetitive motion over time!

Our wrists can ache, crack, the muscles and tendons can become wound tight, but have you ever wondered if it was more than just repetitive motion? Maybe there is something more to it, such as emotional storage?

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Building Relationships-4 Main Tips

Building relationships is very crucial to any business, online or offline. So, as a business owner/entrepreneur or even someone who is say, a Yoga Instructor or Reiki Practitioner, how will you stand out if you solely represent just a business or product?
When you build a relationship with someone, they want to know about YOU. They want to make a connection with YOU. They need to like YOU. They want to be able to relate to YOU and then they will begin to trust you before anything will happen.
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Why Relating To Your Mentor Is Key

When you own your own business, or even in any job, it is key to have a mentor that you can RELATE to. If you cannot relate to your mentor, how are their tactics that got them success going to be beneficial to you?
It is hard to follow a person if they do not have similar morals, values and beliefs. You need to build that relationship with someone that is similar to you. If you’re not a materialistic person, say you do not care about owning brand name stuff, I wouldn’t go for a mentor who is flashy.
There is nothing wrong with being a little flashy, and that person will attract those who want that lifestyle.
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Our Divine Self

Our crown chakra plays a huge role in integrative health–it is an energy system that, when expressed healthily, is our connection to our higher self, our bliss and spirituality.
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