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The Elbow Minor Chakra

There are a few different reasons as to why certain areas seem more prone to accidents, but considering the emotional component can bring awareness to any pattern, any unresolved emotional issue.

Do you notice that you hit your elbows often? Is there tension around it or certain areas of pain? Do you have limited range of motion? All of these are meaningful, and once we understand why, we can begin the process of moving forward

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Consciousness and Separation

In my years of working with many different clients, I have appreciated their ways of thinking and their insights, despite how it may look because it deepens my understanding of conflict for others.

There is one common consciousness issue that I have seen arise for many different people, including myself, despite big differences in our circumstances.

I often talk about the consciousness of Separation, so what is it?

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Candida Overgrowth

Our gut health is essential to optimal health in many areas, such as the brain, mood, rest and relaxation, digestion,  energy levels and so much more. The fact that one of the first ingredients in majority of foods now a days is corn syrup (commonly called sucrose now), how much stress is increasing in our society, it’s no wonder how candida runs rampid.


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My Journey With Cervical Dysplasia And What I’ve Found…

Cervical Dysplasia is an abnormal/precancerous change in the lining cells of the cervix of the uterus. They say HPV is what causes it, but what if you don’t have HPV?

I had so many questions with very little answers. This diagnosis came about 6-7 years ago for me, in 2009 from a doctor who didn’t seem concerned at all, so I wasn’t concerned. She just said “we will do repeat paps until it progresses.”
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