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Consciousness and Separation

In my years of working with many different clients, I have appreciated their ways of thinking and their insights, despite how it may look because it deepens my understanding of conflict for others.

There is one common consciousness issue that I have seen arise for many different people, including myself, despite big differences in our circumstances.

I often talk about the consciousness of Separation, so what is it?

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BodyTalk: What is it?

BodyTalk–What is THAT? This is a question I am asked almost on a daily basis and I welcome the curiosity.

There was a time where I was intrigued after exhausting all my options with my health and even the name just  had a ring to it for me.

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The Heart Chakra-Is Yours Open?

I’ve talked a bit about the heart meridian here, however I want to write more about the heart chakra. They have basically the same meanings, but as an energy center and vortex in the body, it is very important to our emotional and physical health.
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How To: Supporting Others

I was going to write a blog today on the heart meridian, something I feel so strongly about, but just for today, my heart “wasn’t in it.” Maybe, it has been because others have been confusing sharing opinions and facts as actual personal attacks. Your opinion or “fact”, does not give you a right to personally attack another person.
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