There are a few different reasons as to why certain areas seem more prone to accidents, but considering the emotional component can bring awareness to any pattern, any unresolved emotional issue.

Do you notice that you hit your elbows often? Is there tension around it or certain areas of pain? Do you have limited range of motion? All of these are meaningful, and once we understand why, we can begin the process of moving forward

Usually, our elbow is governed by two meridians – the colon (large intestine) and heart. This is important to note because the heart is all about harmony and balance whereas the colon is about letting go. Being able to let go and harmonize life is key to moving forward and having flexibility. The more we can’t move forward or let go of the past, the more constricted our body becomes.

Our elbow represents our ability to be flexible not just in the body, but also our mind – so being more open-minded.

It also represents our ability to adapt, our ability to be in harmony with all.

Any time our elbow becomes constricted, lack of range of motion, pain or constantly hitting it is a sign to take a look at the pathological side.

When out of balance, what we see is possessiveness (could be over people, materialistic things), becoming more inflexible, more rigid in the body as well as the mind, more narrow-minded, and depression.

We can also take a look at where we don’t feel protected, where we feel out of touch with ourselves, or any trust issues that may be surfacing.

Not only that, but any grief we have, if we have a tendancy to hoard/collect things, or being anal retentive which means paying so much attention to detail that it becomes an obsession.

Our elbows are very important and they also represent alot in our lives, and its important to keep pur physical and emotional health in check.

If we are stubborn, it doesn’t serve us unless its teaching us. Avoiding any of these things can result in arthritis, tennis elbow, tendonitis, and more.

Another important thing to note, is which side is it on? The left represents all feminine – whether it be ours, our mother, aunts, grandma, friends, our feminine side and so on.

The right represents all masculine, our father, brothers, uncles, grandpas, friends, our masculine side and so on.

The ways I deal with the past and my emotions, is to do Cortices. You can watch my video here.

Listen to solfeggio frequencies 528hz, 417hz.

Making sure you are breathing properly. Full deep abdomenal breaths. Usually we limit our breathing or breathe very shallow, which represents our inability to take in life and let go what we no longer need.